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Fitbit Flex FB401BK- Black


Fitbit Flex is the slim and discreet activity monitor that never sleeps
All day, this wristband tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned
At night, it monitors your sleep cycles and quality of rest
Flex syncs the data to your computer or smartphone so you can visualize, track, and share your progress.
You jolt out of bed, your jarring alarm blaring repeatedly in the background
As you squint at the sun streaming through your window, you silently berate yourself: these long, dragging days have got to stop
It's time to explore beyond the well-trodden path of work and home, and make an appointment with fitness
It's time for the Fitbit Flex.
Why you need this:
Just like a pedometer, but loads better: The activity tracker records your steps, and distance travelled, and calculates the calories you burned throughout the day.
The activity tracker that never sleeps: At night, Flex automatically tracks your sleep cycles, reading how often you wake up in the night, and measuring and rating your quality of sleep
Set your desired time and your Flex wakes you up with a silent alarm so as not to wake up your partner.
Your personal coach for all things fitness and health: Fitbit's food database helps track your food and water intake, and will let you know when you've met your daily calorie objectives
Learn to eat, live, and sleep better: The Fitbit app and online dashboard display a real-time snapshot of your movement, showing you easy-to-read graphs, charts, and tools that make sense whether you're a rookie or a pro
Share your progress with family and friends, compete with fitness buddies on the leaderboard, and earn badges for fitness milestones.
Expands your digital world: Flex syncs wirelessly and automatically with your compatible device via Bluetooth 4.0 technology, be it your enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer, so that you can view your custom dashboard online or while on the move through the Fitbit app.

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