EVERYONE ABOARD? CLICK! Raise your selfie game with the LG Q6 mobile’s 100-degree wide angle front camera.

The wide angle setting captures the whole scene and fits more friends and surroundings.

Or you can set it to normal angle for more personal portraits.

Create fun, share-worthy photos with the square camera mode. Four creative shot modes pre programmed into this LG smartphone let you click capture-and-upload worthy pictures without you having to process them post-capture.

A SMILE GOES A LONG WAY! Lift this Q6 LG 4G smartphone, and your face will unlock it for you. Improved face recognition unlocks this 5.5incher more quickly and conveniently than ever before.

Now say goodbye to typing, drawing, swiping, or fingerprinting! FULLVISION FIESTA The 5.5inch, IPS display of the LG Q6 dual SIM brings a new dimension to the smartphone viewing experience.

With an 18.9 screen and FHD rendition, this LG 4G dual SIM smartphone immerses you into a whole new level of videos, gaming, and browsing.

SLEEKNESS HAS A NEW MEANING With a no-camera-bump sleek body, rounded corners, and a fully extended screen, the LG Q6 Full Vision smartphone gives a refreshes the meaning of sleek-and-minimal for better.

And despite being the petite piece of engineering that it appears to be, LG Q6 is surprisingly durable and well built for your active lifestyle, courtesy the H Beam frame crafted from incredibly strong 7000 series aluminum.

The mobile is designed to endure impact from any direction better so that you can take it out of your sleeves with more confidence and less worry.