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How to Design a Custom Phone Case

Jan 28, 2018 3:30:21 PM

Printful now proudly offers custom phone cases, one of our most requested products. That means you can add cases for the most recent iPhone models to your store (or print a one-off case for yourself!).

This blog post goes over why you should consider adding iPhone cases to your store, and it explains how to design a custom phone case. It also covers details about the cases themselves and how they’re printed.

As smartphone sales grow and new innovations come to market, phone case sales will also grow.

According to a survey conducted by NDP in 2013, 75% of smartphone owners have a case for their phone.

They report some more interesting findings: 70% of people who don’t use a case are Android users 87% of iPhone owners use a case for their phones 49% of iPhone owners have used more than one case in their phone’s lifetime

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Samsung has officially marked the calendar for Feb. 25 as the date it will launch its next big phone, all but confirmed to be called the Galaxy S9.

We already knew the global smartphone titan would drop the device at Mobile World Congress -- better known by its initials, MWC -- next month in Barcelona, the world's largest show for all things mobile.

What we didn't have was a launch date.

If you're keeping tabs, this Unpacked event shares the same time and weekday as Samsung's past phone unveilings at MWC: the Sunday night before the show officially kicks off.

Samsung's invitation shows a large purple "9" on a black background, highlighting the words "The camera. Reimagined."

The invitation doesn't offer much in the way of hints, but it does give credence to rumors that the S9 will improve its camera performance.

One or both of the S9 phones are expected to use a dual-camera setup, the second to do so after 2017's Galaxy Note 8.

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Over View :

Protect your Apple Watch with one of these stylish cases from our Unity series.

Produced from both high quality hard polycarbonate and soft thermoplastic polyurethane, this case is built to be a shock absorber while defending against scratches, cracks and nicks.

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Neutrogena Skin360

Jan 23, 2018 4:13:11 PM

From L’Oréal’s wearable that can track UV exposure to Foreo’s high-tech facial masks, beauty tech was a huge trend as CES 2018.

However, the Neutrogena Skin360 was the most exciting beauty accessory we saw this year

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Dell XPS 13 review

Jan 21, 2018 10:40:19 AM


Moving the webcam position, adding facial login and a four-mic array, giving Intel’s chips more headroom to perform even better and adding a 4K screen have all evolved the XPS into an even more formidable flagship laptop.

In directly addressing the concerns of users, the Dell XPS 13 laptop is refined further than perhaps ever before.

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Head set

Jan 18, 2018 12:07:31 PM

Headphones aren’t a new smartphone accessory, but they’ve experienced a lot of improvements in recent years.

Most have turned to Bluetooth connectivity, but you can still find many excellent headphones that plug into your smartphone.

You can even add the Boomstick peripheral, which enhances the high-tone frequencies, bass, and soundstage of the music you’re listening to.

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Portable Speakers

Jan 17, 2018 11:51:08 AM

If you’re not a fan of listening to music while wearing headphones or you want to share your music with your friends, you can find all sorts of impressive-sounding portable speakers.

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Smartphone Keyboard Attachments

Jan 16, 2018 10:05:51 AM

It was only a few years ago when cellphones had built-in, mechanical keyboards.

It was actually the BlackBerry’s signature feature.

However, most cellphone manufacturers have since gotten rid of their physical keyboards in favor of touchscreen keyboards .

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