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5 Pieces Practical Kitchen Set


You can easily spray lemon and mandarin by spray.

• Tastes lemon taste as a spray, perfect for your meals.

• Thanks to the lemon spray, you can apply the lemon water evenly without entering the meter and spray feature.

• Thanks to the transparent reservoir, you can follow the lemon juice.

• Use plenty of lemon in the vitamin C source for health.

• Very practical, stylish and functional.

• Very Easy to Clean.

• Suitable for washing in a dishwasher

Steel Soap

• Stainless steel soap cleanse you from the smell by combing the bad smells that come into your hand with water.

• This product, which is needed by every home and office, broke sales records all over the world. The aesthetic stance is a real soap-like look and comfortable to use.

• Made of stainless steel

Suction Knife Grinding Apparatus

• If you are tired of blunted knives at home, the Vacuum Knife Sharpener is a product for you.

• With super strong suction system with spring mechanism, it adheres very strongly to flat surfaces.

• Vacuum blade grinding technology is the latest and great product.

• Consists of real sharpening diamonds and sharpens the tip of your blade to a razor blade.

• Vacuum knife sharpening device is attached to your bench with a single action with vacuum arm.


• Place the suction bottom on a smooth surface.

• Rotate the upper suction clamp downward on the glass, tile, etc.; So the suction cup will hold onto the floor unbelievably strongly.

• Move the knife in the direction of the arrow.

• Do not move to the other side.

• At the end of this process you will notice how sharp your blade is.

It's a good thing you take care of your fingers.

Garlic Peeler and Chopper

• A garlic peel that gives a distinctive taste to the dishes is also a bother with Garlic Pro!

• You can also learn not only garlic chopper but also materials such as nuts, walnuts and chocolates.

• Garlic Peeler and Chopper makes enjoying your meal!

Product Use:

• Put your garlic inside with special peeler roles and roll it between your hands

• When you remove the garlic from the rolls, the shells and the inside will be separate.

• You need to place chopped garlic on the chopping board and translate enough

• You can translate as small as you want.

Multi Joinery

• Cut the material in exactly one cut into 5 pieces.

• Vegetables and any other ingredients will help you snack!

• Thanks to the chopping machine, you will have easier and more accurate slicing than if you had the same slicing feature.

• It is much more enjoyable to make salad and vegetable with this scissors.

• Slicing blades are stainless steel.

• Handles are mint.

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5 Pieces Practical Kitchen Set
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